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All of our campaigns are customized to our client's needs. It would be easy to put flat rates and just give everyone the same price, but that wouldn't be fair to the individual needs of our customers. We have a general scale that we run by mini, small, medium, and large campaigns. The amount of bikes, the amount of days and how many additional promotional items are used all factor in to the total pricing structure.

Again, we like to work with our clients individually and provide what is necessary for your campaign specifically. We believe that everyone should be treated fairly, but that does not mean that everyone has the same needs.

Please contact us today for more options on how we can present your campaign today, and the options available that make sense for your company. We are happy to talk one on one with you to decide what suits your promotional needs best.

CPM is used in all media indicating the cost of reaching 1,000 people with a media vehicle. CPM is the cost of the media unit times 1,000 divided by number of prospects reached. -  i.e. A Web site that charges $15,000 per banner and guarantees 600,000 impressions has a CPM of $25 ($15,000 divided by 600). If an advertiser's CPM is $25 then you get 1000 impressions of your banner or ad for $25.

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For  MAXIMUM IMPACT conduct a campaign with teams of minimum 2 Adbikes.

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+ The Adbikes Four wheels can be covered with campaign display.
+ Artwork & Graphic Design (See: Artwork).
+ Riders can Distribute product or promotional leaflets at designated areas.
+ Distribute product or promotional leaflets at designated areas.
+ Riders can be dressed in corporate clothing or according to the client’s wishes.
+ An Inflatable Design can be carried on the Adbikes instead of billboards.
+ Illuminated mobile billboard Adbikes enabling to advertise at night hours. 
+ Soundtrack/Radio commercial can be played in public.
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AdRide is an outdoor advertising specialist operated by a team of professionals who have a wealth of marketing expertise spanning more than a decade.

As well as providing a range of outdoor advertising solutions, we will work with you to deliver more powerful advertising and promotional campaigns through our range of innovative ambient advertising concepts.

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